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Ever wondered what makes the prefect thumbnail? So have we, so we asked 100's of the top marketing people. Find out the formula to the thumbnail that people can't help but click!

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Michelle Feeney CEO of Pz Cussions

Michelle Feeney - CEO St Tropez

Bespoke Banter has helped St.Tropez come to life on a global platform. Making it possible to speak directly to followers. The professionalism, contact base and trust that Bespoke has with celebrities and media alike is outstanding.

Kate Moss

Kate Moss - Model & Entrepreneur

Interviews with Bespoke Banter are painless. They are more like chatting to a friend.



It is a real pleasure working with Bespoke. They are a very strong and professional company and everything they have done for LONGCHAMP until now has been great and so helpful to get full coverage and visibility.

We are delighted to work with

What we do

At Bespoke Banter we love discovering and sharing stories. We believe your brand is a never ending story where new chapters unfold everyday. We also believe that this constantly evolving story is the very thing that defines how customers feel about your brand and products.

As a Video Communications Agency we make it our business to be master storytellers. We’ll help you to discover and develop your story and turn it into creative and engaging video campaigns. And because a true story is by its very nature compelling and unique, our service can help you reach and engage with new audiences in a unique and meaningful way.

Our story is simple. We specialise in the design, production and distribution of branded video campaigns across web and broadcast platforms. We’re highly technical too. We optimise video for search, create mass audience engagement and our tracking and reporting tools enable you to prove success.

When it comes to creating successful online video campaigns we are exactly who you need. We deliver original ideas, high-end production, and global audience engagement.

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